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Monday, 4 May 2015

Shocking exit

The eviction of Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear was a bolt out of the blue. The show has millions of fans worldwide and his misdemeanour with a BBC employee was not taken lightly. There are news reports stating that Clarkson will be offered a job on ITV. The question is, will he take it?
His co-host, James May is rather upset about Clarkson’s exit, and has refused to return to Top Gear.  There are many contenders who are being considered to take Clarkson’s place. However, the future of the show is obscure.
There were rumours that Clarkson wanted to quit the show much earlier as he was dissatisfied with the producers. He doesn’t seem to regret his actions, but he does seem rather mellow and unperturbed about his future. But he’s made enough money to last for the rest of his life.
As a man in his fifties, close to the age of retirement, it doesn’t really matter if he gets another job, since he’s already financially secure.
This is not the first time that stars have misbehaved or verbally abused their co-workers or producers.
In 2010, British comedian, Jonathan Ross exited BBC and joined ITV. He had already been suspended for a scandal while he reigned late night television on BBC for 13 years. He was accused for using foul language, which went against many policies of the BBC. But, now, he has a hit show on ITV called, ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’, which features all of the popular celebrities worldwide.  
Ross is still successful.
In 2011, Charlie Sheen, the former star of Two and a half men was fired for abusing his producer, Chuck Lorre. Subsequently that year, Sheen starred in another sitcom called, ‘Anger Management’. The show received positive reviews and it will end soon. But Sheen didn’t go bankrupt as the reports claimed. He got roasted on Comedy Central, and bounced back after being sacked.
There are two things all three men have in common. They are undoubtedly famous, successful and rich.
They will always be offered another job. They will never be short of money.
But is that the case with women?
The late Joan Rivers was banned from the Late Night Show while it was hosted by Johnny Carson, out of envy, since she got her own Late Night show. After her show went downhill, Rivers struggled for employment since nobody offered the female comedian a job.

Another female comedian, Chelsea Handler, who voluntarily left ‘Late Night with Chelsea’, quoting that ‘interviewing stupid people was taxing’. In all fairness, not all celebrities are smart and can be interviewed. But surprisingly, she received a job offer. Times have changed. But nothing much has improved for women. 
But these three women have not been as popular or nearly as successful as their male counterparts. Despite their exit from popular shows, the men still have stable careers in their 50’s, but Handler and Rivers do not have a wide audience. They are known in the continent of North America. But they are not the most popular comedian’s or hosts on TV.
Whereas, Sheen and Clarkson are recognised worldwide, and Ross is the most popular TV show host in Britain. All three men have run off their mouths and always said something controversial, they still get to keep their jobs. But when female comics say something even slightly offensive, they are attacked and criticised more than their male counterparts.
It just goes to show that sexism exists all over the world, not just India. 

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