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Thursday, 18 December 2014


Now, for those who don't know what LGBT is, it is expanded as: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. Until 2013, even I had no idea about the existence of this community. I never understood their struggles, or their crisis of identity. Although everyone says it's a controversial topic, I don't think so.

I really don't discern how being attracted to both genders, or your own gender is appalling.  The fact that you're attracted to everyone, even transsexuals shows that one is broadminded, and that sex is a primary drive. I'm straight, and there have been times when I wanted to find out my sexual orientation. But from the very beginning, it was very clear that I like men.

But everyone isn't that lucky. Some need time to explore themselves. When I was asked to do a presentation of the LGBT in my fifth semester of college, I began to do thorough research. And let me tell you, the LGBT are no different from the straight community.

The LGBT feel displaced in their own homes and bodies, because they have to pretend to be normal. Don't we all put on that act? Don't we all pretend it's ok underneath the surface? Haven't we felt incompetent? Haven't you looked at yourself in the mirror, and at least once, thought, 'I'm fat, I have too many pimples, and I'm ugly.'?

It's not hat distinct for the LGBT. Many say that LGBT is a disease that can be cured with yoga. Even I know that it's absolute poppycock. No. It's not a disease, it's the way you are. You are gay, straight, or bisexual, or you choose to date all sexual orientations. That's your personal choice.

It's all about how comfortable you are with yourself and your partner. Nobody wants to talk about or even comprehend that.

As for 'coming out the closet', that's an other issue I will talk about, in my next blog.

No LGBT is not AIDS or a cold which can catch. It's who you are, and your way of life. It's your personal choice to embrace it, or admit it, or change it.

Even in a country as progressive as America, the LGBT is still shunned by a good percentage of Americans. In India, same sex marriage is banned. I just don't get it. I know, a sentence which the LGBT has heard about themselves, I'll say about article 371.

If we lived in a world where there were no societal norms, then would all the LGBT eventually come out? We may never know.

But right now, times are changing. From having LGBT radio shows, TV channels and LGBT parades, this community has come a long way. Celebrities voicing out their support for this community, and openly admitting their sexuality, life has become slightly easier for the community.

American TV shows have portrayed the struggles of gay characters, and books have gay characters in prominent roles. But what about Indian TV shows? Or books written by Indians?

No. Nothing. Not a damn thing. Amir Khan's show dedicated an episode to the LGBT, explaining everything they could about this community to the public. But the LGBT is still cajoled in movies, soap operas and even frowned upon by almost everyone in all generations. But they don't understand the community, I'm not saying I completely understand, but to a certain extent, I do.

That's why I'm writing this blog. For the LGBT. Don't be ashamed of who or what you like, that's what the LGBT represent. The rainbow flag, as beautiful as it is, shows diversity. How all the individuals, or 'the weirdos' as society calls, can find a place to call home.

Trust me, a time will come when heterosexuals will be the minority, and the LGBT will be free.