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Thursday, 6 November 2014


Youtubers today are as famous as TV or movie stars, except, they can be seen more often. Every fortnight, or once a month, Youtubers upload videos which they have made on their own, in their own homes or garage. It's surprising though, to find out that many of these Youtubers don't have an actual job. They consider 'Youtuber' as a profession.

It maybe in vogue, but it's pointless if you consider that as your only profession. While some Youtubers began uploading videos for fun, the rest used Youtube to just use their cameras to record their rants. However, some others definitely make good use of the internet. They display their musical talent or inform the public about important matters.

Today, there are many Youtubers like Alexa Gooddard, Chrissy and Boyce Avenue that sing their own version of popular songs, and sell it on iTunes. They may not have a record deal, nor are they on the cover of magazines. Many of them don't seem like they want the stardom. They just want to make music, sell it, and make money, while remaining fairly popular on the internet. A wise choice. Moreover, there are others who try to ape Justin Bieber by uploading videos of themselves singing, in order to gain popularity, and finally get a record deal.

It is also a good way to achieve your dreams. But there are many, who just upload a video everyday, plead others to watch it, out of desperation. It's rather pitiful, but they must lauded for their effort. Shedding your pride away, and to ask for attention can't be done easily. As they say, 'Humility is attractive'. 

Now, there are Youtubers, who are also entertainers. Shane Dawson and Superwoman, are the two best examples. While Shane Dawson creates unrealistic, yet hilarious situations and changes attires to enact the story, Lily Singh aka Superwoman, is more realistic, but nonetheless, her videos are relatable and equally funny. Tyler Oakley, another Youtube sensation, uses his channel to talk about Gay Rights, and gives courage to all those who want to come out of the closet. Again, its also admirable.

From make-up tutorials, to learning the piano, Youtube teaches you everything. Youtubers, entertain you, once in awhile with their short, yet mirthful videos. Whether or not signing Advertisement deals and making it big on Youtube is a good career move is debatable. As long as Youtube videos spread happiness, I suppose there's nothing wrong making them. But, forcing your ideals on somebody, making racist comments and hurting the audience's sentiment is not advisable. There are certain Youtubers, who are truly disgusting. Their personal habits, their manner of conduct, speech, and sense of clothing are truly revolting, which affects everyone watching them.

On the internet, there are people all over the world watching you. A good human being, expressed their opinion, and accepts other's opinion. But Youtubers these days, spit their opinions on others and expect them to consider a deadly sin to go against their words. Hence, they receive a lot of hateful and hurtful comments.

It is impossible to please every human being. But it's also not possible to make things right with a simple disclaimer or apology. It is better to be prepared to receive criticism, hate and love.


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