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Tuesday, 25 November 2014


I am appalled to see the number of celebrity's publishing their 'Memoirs'/ 'novels' every other day. It's most probably because I know that they've hired ghost writers to do it.

I don't blame ghost writers, because they want the cash, they can't get the recognition they want, and they're struggling to pay their monthly bills. With some ghost writers, their identity is an open secret. They're not J.K Rowling, Stephen King or Stephenie Meyer. They're probably paid as much as these writers, and hired by tons of people, so I guess they are just fine with remaining anonymous.

But celebrities, everything from their onscreen to off-screen persona is a travesty, including the fact that they are lying through their teeth about their latest book. Ask the interviewer to make the celebrity spell, 'pleasurable', 'denouement', or even 'telekinesis', then I'll believe that they contributed at least one word. Some of the celebrities are school drop outs, poorly read, and some of them are just plain stupid.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner, are both school drop outs, who can barely spell, and they flaunt their new 500 page notebook like they didn't pay their ghost writer to write it for them. Just like their mother, Kris Jenner, or their half elder siblings. Now Cheryl Cole, who claims to have written an autobiography, is nothing but a joke. People barely understand when she speaks, let alone sing. She must have told her ghost writer what to write. The ghost writer must've have created a simulated environment in his mind, imagining himself as a woman while writing for her.

Coming the most recent man to hop on this bandwagon- Sachin Tendulkar, one of the world's greatest batsman. The man is a master of his trade, which I respect him for. Unlike the other talentless celebrities I mentioned. His biography/ expose on the Indian cricket catered good reviews from the critics. He may have written some of it, but again, all credit goes to his editor- his acting ghost writer.

The same goes for Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Snooki. These people have barely lived their lives long enough to pass high school, let along write books. And yet, there are people who buy these books. So next time you buy a book written by such celebrities, make you give all the credit to the ghost writer and editor.

But with celebrities like Tina Fey, Kathy Griffin or Mindy Kaling, I will believe that they've written something, because they're writers, comedians and actors by profession. There is no doubt that editors have a role in shaping their books, but it's minimal.

But either way, celebrities easily get publishers. While freelance writers like me, tired of rejection can never get a break. My question is it fair?  Just because a publishing house wants get more fame, they sign book contracts with celebrities who can barely read. And celebrities will do anything for publicity and money, even if it means holding a heavy book, which they have 'written'.
They are willing to wash their, and their family's/enemies dirty linen in public.

I guess the millions they have is just not enough.


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