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Friday, 24 October 2014


A certain fanfiction writer signed a book deal with a publishing house which came as a pleasant surprise. But my surprise was short lived, since I found that her novel involved a dysfunctional sexual relationship between two characters.

Sex sells and young sex definitely sells. As I read the novel, the usual alpha male, and submissive co-dependent female pattern emerged. Only at the end of the novel does the female realize that she
has to become dependent. Sadly, she goes back to the alpha male in the end. So, ultimately, it was nothing new. The boy is controlling, possessive, jealous and demanding, and the girl gives in.

This makes me question whether women are really weak, or whether the author believes that a woman has no identity without a man. Perhaps she understood the pulse of weak women, and wrote the story. However. there is nothing new in this story. There is a sex scene in every chapter, and I had to skip those scenes to avoid getting embarrassed.

The pure, conservative virgin meets man-whore playboy, there's a bet involved, with complicated feelings and the usual on and off relationship. Surprisingly, the story is a long trilogy and has more than a million readers on Wattpad. Here's another version of twilight sans the vampires, and werewolves.

This novel/fanfiction also falls into the category of Fifty shades of grey and This man, which ends with marriage. I would like to question whether women aren't annoyed with the same old rubbish. Like my University Professor says, 'Soft porn appeals to the 13 year old teenage girl who's popped her first pimple to a 55 year old woman, who's gone beyond menopause.'

The fact that there's excess erotica in these novels is not the issue. The issue is, why doesn't anyone write a erotica with a female who has had multiple sex partners?

I'm not a feminist, but I would like to ask the female writers out there, why do you stress so much on the importance of a woman's virginity? Technically, it's not a big deal. Why don't people stress on the a man's virginity? Why doesn't someone write about a man who loses his virginity to a girl who has a lot of experience?

Considering that my novel is nothing like the typical ones, I wonder how female readers will take it. Especially those who love sappy romance novels. But after noting the success of hunger games, which is more popular than Twilight, I really want to believe that women don't need men to find themselves. There is less erotica, with is a strong female character. Sadly, the character wasn't explored in depth, nor was there a self-discovery. It was just going with the flow.

A novel like Vampire Academy with a strong female lead, who questions everything, including her duties and rights, ends up being underrated and less popular, which surprises me. The female character isn't busy prying into her love interest's past life and escapades. She actually has a pure intellectual relationship in the beginning, and sex just follows as an act of love. It's not like that they're at it like rabbits, like the characters in the above mentioned books.

Both the male and female characters are responsible and want the best for each other, and are not attached to the hip. That's what appealed to me. Nobody dictates the other person's life in this novel.

So, this brings me to my question, is sex just an urge for men? Why is pure for only women? Why can't women have sex with random men to fulfill their urges? Why the double standards? Virginia Woolf asked such questions regarding woman and fiction, and I ask such questions regarding women and sex. If feminists are fighting with the wrong crowd. They should be asking other women these questions. They should be asking women to stand up for themselves and stop believing that a hot boyfriend is their key to everlasting happiness.

Women call other women whores, but men never call other men man-whores. It's ok for a man to watch porn, but a woman's character is tainted when she watches the same.

Virginia Woolf died without getting answer to her questions, and that maybe my case as well.

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