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Saturday, 30 August 2014

World cup...seriously?

I am undoubtedly a huge football fanatic. I was thrilled to watch the world cup. But the events that took place before, and after the match, shocked me. The Brazilian government, which claims to be the world's 7th largest economy, enraged it's citizens by turning them into paupers.

I can't blame the civilians for seething with rage and protesting. But I do blame the Brazilian government for being refractory and wasting the public's hard earned money. They had the opportunity to reject the offer to host the world cup. Instead, they attacked innocent civilians, injured them, and increased their financial problems. This is another case of blatant misuse of power.

Brazil is, or rather was, a democracy. We're led to believe this big farce. It's not the celebrities on camera that fool us, but the government with their travesty, where they make us believe that we are in 'a democracy', while we're being destroyed by those we elect. We are led into a false sense of security.

 Ironically, Brazil lost, and their star player got injured.. he Brazilian government didn't see that coming though. However, I sympathize with the Brazilian football team and the civilians. But I would like to ask the officials in the Brazilian government whether it was worth it all.

If a government can't fulfill the needs of its citizens, and empties its treasury, then it shouldn't exist. It makes we wonder, are we all really free from dictatorship? Or we led to believe this sham?

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