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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Teen actors...seriously?

Earlier today, I posted a blog about teen idols, most of them were musicians, so, I decided to do a countdown on the top ten teen actors that have become everyone's heartthrob. After watching Hollywood do this so many times, I decided to give it a try. Here are the top ten teen actors that I love/hate/don't give a shit about, but are famous.

10. Macaulay Culkin- This 'home alone' star became the highest paid child actor in his time, and then, went down the drain by using marijuana. I have watched home alone, and I loved it! Surprisingly though, he married at the age of 17, and got divorced quickly too. Well, he didn't beat Kim Kardashian's 42 day record, so I'm cool with him.

9. Jaden Smith- This kid broke all the box office records by starring in Daddy's home production, 'The karate kid' starring Jackie Chan as his teacher. Though I tried to watch the movie without falling asleep, I just had to change the channel. But no matter what I saw, I still got bored. Jaden Smith is famous because of who his Daddy is, but let me tell you this, being linked to Kylie Jenner just increased his popularity.

8. Angus T Jones- That fat kid from 'Two and half men', blossomed into a tall, not so ugly adult, and now, is not on the TV show. He got a lot of hate for talking against his own TV show, but he was going to get kicked out anyway. It's not like I care. When Sheen has gone, so has the sitcom. Does anybody know where he is?

7. Taylor Lautner and Ariana Grande- He can't act. I'm sorry he just can't. do it. He has a great body, but he's not good looking, nor has he given any performance that's worthwhile. Grande made her acting debut before her music debut, so she's on this list. Nickelodeon loved her, but I hate her. Her voice is too  loud, she overacts, and I still don't believe that she can do theatre.

6. Rupert Grint and Tom Felton - Ron Weasley maybe the comic relief in the HP series, but he's no star in real life. He's done very few project after Harry Potter. HP's nemesis, Malfoy too has hardly appeared onscreen. I guess it's back to school for both of them.

5.Emma Watson- She's pretty, she's British, she starred in Harry Potter. She can act, she's educated, so she gets a thumbs up from me. She starred in the Oscar nominated 'My week with Marilyn', not that she had a great part to play, but she was ok. Her upcoming projects are promising.

4. Daniel Radcliffe- Harry Potter has proven that he can act, by doing Broadway. He's done comedy, played the role of a poet, and is super busy. His upcoming projects are interesting, and he's proved that he's not just the boy wizard.

3. Josh Hutcherson- I like this guy. He's been in the movies for a long time. I've got nothing against him, but, I've got nothing for him either. Since none of his movies have raised anyone's eyebrows.

2.Jennifer Lawrence - Now this Oscar winning actress has made news for falling in the Oscars. Twice. Ouch. From playing Katniss to Mystique, to the dumb blonde in American hustle, she's done it all. That's our girl! She has stood up for women's rights, and always maintained a good image with her fans and the media.

1. Kristen Stewart-  The number 1 home wrecker in 2012,  is on my list, because she's famous for landing the role of you know who. She can't act. But she's good at hooking up with people like her co-stars, directors, etc etc. She's pretty, but dumb. She can't talk properly, but yet she's highest paid actress in Hollywood. Good luck K Stew, don't take off your panties for the next guy, you might just R Patz back.

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