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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Korean drama...seriously?

I went through a 'K drama' obsession phase, and it's long over. If there's anything I've learnt about Asian culture, which is not Indian, is that Asians are sexist. Just like the rest of the world.

The first K drama I watched was 'Boys over flowers'. That drama is not worth anyone's time, I can assure you. It's the same - boy chases after girl, they finally get together, they stay together for a short period, then the boy breaks up with her, to protect her. Then they overcome many obstacles and finally get together. There's nothing worth looking forward too.

It's a lot like Bollywood movies. However, Koreans follow the same concept in every rom-com. However, I've heard that there are dramas which actually have substance, and unconventional plot lines. But not the ones I've seen so far. But Korean writers do have an extraordinary way of including all the characters in the story, and relating them to the main character. It's interesting, to watch how the story develops, but you already know that there's going to be a happily ever after. That beats the purpose of watching the show.

However, these dramas have a time length of 1 hour. All the TV shows are in HD, and you'll notice that the actors, both male and female, have flawless skin. But the men are so arrogant in these dramas, and women are portrayed as ditsy and helpless. But the OST - original soundtrack for these dramas are very pleasant to listen to, but the lyrics always have the three magic words, which are overused.

If you're a feminist, then you better keep away from these dramas, because they will irk you and infuriate you to no end. You just have to set aside your personal feelings to watch these dramas.

Another common aspect which I found, is that the guy is stinking rich, and the girl is very poor. When I say poor I mean, she's as poor as a beggar on the street. And the guy owns houses in foreign countries, and sparks always fly between them. This is hardly realistic .

There is always a male and female antagonist who makes things hard for the main leads. However, many of the actors chosen for these dramas are truly talented. Especially the antagonists, irrespective of whether the main lead is good at his job or not, the supporting cast is always more promising. But the OST is constantly played in the background which gets really annoying. There are sudden hugs, forceful kisses, but no sex.

K drama is a weird combo of the east and west. I guess people from both sides of the world can watch it.  Surprisingly, many K dramas have been subtitled in Spanish and are all available in English as well.

So there you have it folks, K drama in short, just for you.

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