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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Korean drama...seriously?

I went through a 'K drama' obsession phase, and it's long over. If there's anything I've learnt about Asian culture, which is not Indian, is that Asians are sexist. Just like the rest of the world.

The first K drama I watched was 'Boys over flowers'. That drama is not worth anyone's time, I can assure you. It's the same - boy chases after girl, they finally get together, they stay together for a short period, then the boy breaks up with her, to protect her. Then they overcome many obstacles and finally get together. There's nothing worth looking forward too.

It's a lot like Bollywood movies. However, Koreans follow the same concept in every rom-com. However, I've heard that there are dramas which actually have substance, and unconventional plot lines. But not the ones I've seen so far. But Korean writers do have an extraordinary way of including all the characters in the story, and relating them to the main character. It's interesting, to watch how the story develops, but you already know that there's going to be a happily ever after. That beats the purpose of watching the show.

However, these dramas have a time length of 1 hour. All the TV shows are in HD, and you'll notice that the actors, both male and female, have flawless skin. But the men are so arrogant in these dramas, and women are portrayed as ditsy and helpless. But the OST - original soundtrack for these dramas are very pleasant to listen to, but the lyrics always have the three magic words, which are overused.

If you're a feminist, then you better keep away from these dramas, because they will irk you and infuriate you to no end. You just have to set aside your personal feelings to watch these dramas.

Another common aspect which I found, is that the guy is stinking rich, and the girl is very poor. When I say poor I mean, she's as poor as a beggar on the street. And the guy owns houses in foreign countries, and sparks always fly between them. This is hardly realistic .

There is always a male and female antagonist who makes things hard for the main leads. However, many of the actors chosen for these dramas are truly talented. Especially the antagonists, irrespective of whether the main lead is good at his job or not, the supporting cast is always more promising. But the OST is constantly played in the background which gets really annoying. There are sudden hugs, forceful kisses, but no sex.

K drama is a weird combo of the east and west. I guess people from both sides of the world can watch it.  Surprisingly, many K dramas have been subtitled in Spanish and are all available in English as well.

So there you have it folks, K drama in short, just for you.

Teen actors...seriously?

Earlier today, I posted a blog about teen idols, most of them were musicians, so, I decided to do a countdown on the top ten teen actors that have become everyone's heartthrob. After watching Hollywood do this so many times, I decided to give it a try. Here are the top ten teen actors that I love/hate/don't give a shit about, but are famous.

10. Macaulay Culkin- This 'home alone' star became the highest paid child actor in his time, and then, went down the drain by using marijuana. I have watched home alone, and I loved it! Surprisingly though, he married at the age of 17, and got divorced quickly too. Well, he didn't beat Kim Kardashian's 42 day record, so I'm cool with him.

9. Jaden Smith- This kid broke all the box office records by starring in Daddy's home production, 'The karate kid' starring Jackie Chan as his teacher. Though I tried to watch the movie without falling asleep, I just had to change the channel. But no matter what I saw, I still got bored. Jaden Smith is famous because of who his Daddy is, but let me tell you this, being linked to Kylie Jenner just increased his popularity.

8. Angus T Jones- That fat kid from 'Two and half men', blossomed into a tall, not so ugly adult, and now, is not on the TV show. He got a lot of hate for talking against his own TV show, but he was going to get kicked out anyway. It's not like I care. When Sheen has gone, so has the sitcom. Does anybody know where he is?

7. Taylor Lautner and Ariana Grande- He can't act. I'm sorry he just can't. do it. He has a great body, but he's not good looking, nor has he given any performance that's worthwhile. Grande made her acting debut before her music debut, so she's on this list. Nickelodeon loved her, but I hate her. Her voice is too  loud, she overacts, and I still don't believe that she can do theatre.

6. Rupert Grint and Tom Felton - Ron Weasley maybe the comic relief in the HP series, but he's no star in real life. He's done very few project after Harry Potter. HP's nemesis, Malfoy too has hardly appeared onscreen. I guess it's back to school for both of them.

5.Emma Watson- She's pretty, she's British, she starred in Harry Potter. She can act, she's educated, so she gets a thumbs up from me. She starred in the Oscar nominated 'My week with Marilyn', not that she had a great part to play, but she was ok. Her upcoming projects are promising.

4. Daniel Radcliffe- Harry Potter has proven that he can act, by doing Broadway. He's done comedy, played the role of a poet, and is super busy. His upcoming projects are interesting, and he's proved that he's not just the boy wizard.

3. Josh Hutcherson- I like this guy. He's been in the movies for a long time. I've got nothing against him, but, I've got nothing for him either. Since none of his movies have raised anyone's eyebrows.

2.Jennifer Lawrence - Now this Oscar winning actress has made news for falling in the Oscars. Twice. Ouch. From playing Katniss to Mystique, to the dumb blonde in American hustle, she's done it all. That's our girl! She has stood up for women's rights, and always maintained a good image with her fans and the media.

1. Kristen Stewart-  The number 1 home wrecker in 2012,  is on my list, because she's famous for landing the role of you know who. She can't act. But she's good at hooking up with people like her co-stars, directors, etc etc. She's pretty, but dumb. She can't talk properly, but yet she's highest paid actress in Hollywood. Good luck K Stew, don't take off your panties for the next guy, you might just R Patz back.

Teen idol...seriously?

You've seen them, you love them, you hate them, you don't understand them, but they're there. I have never been a fan of teen idols. To be honest, I don't like any of them in particular. Some of them are talented, but some of them are just pretty faces. They're not that talented, they're just overhyped. Now, there are certain teen idols, who have taken over the world, but are clearly too famous for their own good.

10. Kendall and Kylie Jenner - The half sisters of the Kardashian clan are on this list, because they're famous for being famous. They are supermodels at the age of 18 and 16. They're rich, they're dating and are associated with famous boys, and...they are on TV. They don't have any particular talent, but they have pretty faces.  They wear  Givenchy, own amazing cars  and they manage to host the Billboard and Canadian music awards. The reason for their popularity is mystifying. These two sisters have a million followers on Twitter, and apparently the sisters have paid to have these followers.

9.  Jonas Brothers- This boy band started out well, but split up, since they wanted to pursue different interests. Nick Jonas is posing half-nude and releasing singles, Kevin Jonas is off the radar, after his reality show and Joe Jonas is nowhere to be seen. But they have been famous for the women they've dated, their looks, rather than their work.

8. Demi Lavato-  This Disney star went off track, got back on track. She was a judge on X factor, and she's on tour now. She's more famous for making derogatory comments, her friendships, relationships, and break ups which comes as no surprise. Her music is not always chart topping, but her show 'Sunny with a chance' was quite entertaining. Statements like 'Her album has sold out' is not believable, since there is no physical evidence or proof of the figures revealed to the public. Her fame is based on her PR's efforts. She may have young female fans, but she's not a global star. However, her anti-bullying stand is admirable.

7. Miley Cyrus - After the 2013 VMA's it was clear that she is no longer Hannah Montana. This girl was idolized by millions of girls worldwide, who despise her today.  Her clothes, her facial expressions, her drug addiction, has set a bad example for teenagers. Her parents' divorce maybe the cause for her behavior, but she has the money to seek professional counseling. However, her music is well appreciated by those in the industry as well, so her professional life seems to be running smoothly. But her instagram and Twitter posts do not send a good message to the world.

6. Selena Gomez- She is multi-talented, and successful. Surprisingly, after watching her show, 'Wizards of Waverly place', and her movies, her acting prowess is questionable. Just like every other celebrity, her relationship with Justin Bieber has gained her more name than her music.

5. Little Mix- This girl band took the British music charts by storm, being the only Girl band to win British X factor. One of the singers, Perry Edwards is dating Zayn Malik of 1D and that's the only reason why people pay any attention to them. They don't have any benefactor to keep on the top. Their latest song is so supposed to about women power, but all they do is dance around half naked. Again, they are not exemplars to the young teen girls.

4. Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande - It's hard to decide whether they're known for the men they've dated, or the songs they've written about them. However, many of their tunes are catchy, despite the poor lyrics. Their style, their fashion, their onscreen persona always makes headlines. Their rash behavior, poor etiquette, and disregard for the media personnel during interviews and press conferences is not appealing.

3. Justin Bieber- He was a cute kid, now he's a bad boy. He released his last album 'Believe', after that, he was in the news for cheating on his girlfriend, doing drugs, hitting the paparazzi and doing everything he's not supposed to.  I think we have another Britney Spears in the making. Now, I know that girls are saying, 'I do not want you as my 'boyfriend'. What do we have to believe in? Definitely not you.'

2. One Direction- They're young, they're not that good looking, and they can't make good music anymore. I loved their debut song, but after that, all their songs are not lively to listen to. But yet, they have platinum albums. This is even more mystifying than the black hole theory. From posing naked, to smoking weed, and dating famous women, plagiarizing, One Direction has done it all. At the young tender age of 21.They have accepted they won't last long, and have decided to 'Live while they're young'.

1. Lorde- With a unique stage name, she won 2 Grammys. She's known for her guts, since she has dissed 19 celebrities. This 17 year old has made the world listen to her music. From teens to adults, everyone is hooked to her song. I admire that she has no deference.

If you are a fan of any of the above, and I've hurt your feelings, well, that's your problem. not mine. But this trend is what makes youngsters hate these celebrities and throw shade at them online, envy their wealth and life-style, follow their unhealthy habits, and crave for their fame. This advent of youngsters on TV has upset many adults and senior citizens, since this influences the behavior of their young family members.

While teen stars claim that they aren't looking for fame or money, it is undoubtedly their ultimate goal. To make money while they're young and pretty. The concern of the older generation valid, and I fear for my generation as well.