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Sunday, 29 June 2014


For all those who regularly watch the news, I must say, you really are great. I get so bored watching Arnab Goswami yelling at everyone he invites on his show. I'm bored. Indian TV anchors are too loud and annoying. They ruin the whole purpose of their news with their tone and cranky demeanour.

Whether it's Bharkha Dutt or Prannoy Roy, they have made news boring. Yes, even entertainment news is so boring that it kills me. The news at 9 AM on NDTV usually talks about sports in great detail. I've found myself, sleeping at the early hour, because the news anchor, lacks clarity while talking. There have been times when I've wanted to yell at the news anchors and strangle them for talking rubbish.

One news anchor actually said, 'In the world cup in 2004-'. Yes, it was on the teleprompter, it was not her fault, but what was the proof reader doing? To make things worse, its hard for Journalism graduates to get a well paying job. Now, I know that many may argue with me. But if you know how badly the Indian education system is, then you will agree with me that my degree is worth squat in the job market. I'll end up being the newspaper girl. I'll end up being  raped early in the morning when I'm on the job, and it will be on the news, and Shobaa De will make fun of the government for giving women false security.

Here we go again! So, if you ask me about current affairs, all I'm going to say is, I don't give a fuck. I had to study three subjects, and I'll tell everyone my major is English literature. I learnt at least something in that area.

Watching regional news doesn't help either, because the case is the same in all channels. Bah!

Pardon me for my late updates. I was busy writing my lame exams. 

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