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Friday, 23 May 2014


India received it's independence in 1947. By received I mean, the British had lost all their money and strength, and didn't have the energy to dictate the Indians anymore, so they left. They gave us Pakistan as a parting gift, but it's ok. It's not like we care anymore.

Now, with regard to the Lok Sabha elections, I have a few statements to make. 'I didn't vote for anybody'. Yes, that's right, you heard correctly. I didn't vote for anybody, because if the country hasn't changed in the past 65 years, I doubt that a 63 year old PM can do anything. PM designate Narendra Modi has a lot of opposition, but even more supporters. I know that he's going to make the headlines every three months, so I'm looking forward to incidents that will hopefully coerce me into taking interest in politics.

My next statement is about the uproar, and reactions about Modi's clear cut win. A certain someone, I shall not take names, claimed that, 'He would leave the country and get a sex change operation, marry Karan Johar'. The only thing that's shocking about this statement, is that KJo didn't sue this person. The world was buzzing about how our elections had the highest number of voters in the world. I believe it's true. All voters believe that they've voted for change. Too bad it's going to happen folks. All the channels and newspapers were raving about the Modi wave/ NaMo hate. I didn't bother to pay attention to any of it, because even I knew that Modi was going to win.

I cant say that I'm expecting any sort of great change during Modi's reign. I do expect a lot of scandals, controversies, and I even predict that Modi may be forced to quit. We may have another Arvind Kejriwal. While Modi was giving an interview, one of the audience screamed, 'I love you!' to him. Let's just see how much the same guy loves him at the end of Modi's term.
However, the Congress's tactics to win was the only source of amusement in the elections. Good luck Modi sarkar. Please, do not annoy me during the next five years.

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