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Sunday, 23 February 2014


Just when I thought that I would be able to accept that humans are good, they start showing me their worst side again. Just when I gain a little faith in humanity, the people ensure that I question the humanity in them.

There are books and research papers written about humanity, and a humanistic school of Psychology. They believe that all humans are born good. Maybe so, but they all turn bad too. Ok, most of them turn bad. people blame circumstances for it. Alright, you have to change with time, but for the better, and not to become bitter.

 We all have our fifty shades of grey. But why show all the darkness in you? Why can't you find the light? Is your life so miserable that you can't see others happy?

If your life is miserable because of others around you, then stay away from them. If you are the cause for another's misery, just because you can't see them happy, then you're the bigger sadist. Your depression forces you to become a sadist or masochist. If you have such people around you, they'll never let you be happy.

So I suggest, stay away from them. Maintain a certain physical distance, then you will develop a mental distance. But they will always be on the look out for targets to bully. But you, always have to stay safe. Humans can destroy your life, and those you trust the most, are the ones who are capable of this. So you're enemy may keep a constant eye on you, but your friends will always know how to hurt you. I don't deny that there is some good in this world, but there are vicious people on this planet, who have various complexities.

So do not expect humans to grow wings and become angels. Jealousy, anger, hatred can create damage on a large scale. So do not trust humanity, but hope that someday, someone will help you.


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