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Thursday, 6 February 2014


What do you believe in? God? Humanity? Satan? Astrology?

In an era where you can carry your TV in your pocket, there are those who still believe in God and astrology. I'm not of them. Not anymore at least. When I questioned many who believe in the above mentioned list, as to why they believe in it, their response was the same. "You need something to believe in, so why not this? Besides, you're too young to understand."

I find the above statement absolute nonsense. Ten years from now I may repeat the above statement to someone, but to focus on the present, I'd like to say, I believe in myself. A psychological experiment called 'Internal external locus of locus' helps a person determine whether they are intrinsically or extrinsically motivated. My result: Significantly intrinsically motivated. I have logical reasons for believing in myself.

1. God - Scenario- Class 8th, Moral Science class- I prayed to God that day that I would've taken all the books to school, so that I don't get punished. But to my horror, I didn't bring my Moral Science book, and let me tell you, my Moral Science teacher  was absolutely terrifying. You can guess how many major panic attacks I had that day. This is just an illustration of one of the many incidents that's happened in my life. So, why waste time praying?

2. Humanity - I haven't figured how good or bad humans really are, so I'll rule it out.

3. Satan- He may exist, because there are a lot of people who claim to use black magic. But I think that we all have latent satan is in us, ready to come out, when the time comes. When he is inside us, then why worship him?

4. Astrology - A supposed wise man once told me, 'You're novel will be published by the end of your 20th year'. Sadly, I've written only 8 chapters of my novel, I highly doubt this will happen, because I'm realistic.

Why I believe in myself. No matter how hopeless I feel, I have this unwavering faith that I will make it through alive. Somehow, someway, I knew I would survive. Ever since I was kid, I lacked confidence. But now I have faith, in myself. The two terms are different, because self-confidence is a miniscule concept, in comparison to faith.

To me, faith is God, Astrology, Satan all in me. That's the difference between me and everyone else.


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