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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Women's rights? Seriously?

Who are you to give a woman a right? Who I am to take a right from anybody?

I was annoyed to find that a certain lady in power, with a doctorate degree, who works for a women's right commission had the audacity to say that women should mind their body language in order to prevent attracting rapists.

I would just like to say, that you don't deserve the Ph.D. A rapist doesn't need to be provoked to rape, he shall do so, as it pleases him. Will you say the same thing when your fully clothed daughter is raped in public, or will you accept blame for her enticing the rapist? Just because you're fat, ugly, with a Ph.D, and you have two sons, it does not give you the right to tell all beautiful girls to turn ugly.

Girls, dress the way you want, do what you want. Just remember these women right activist are no different from rapists. So, I just want to tell all the women who blame the victims for the rape, you are to blame, not the girls who get raped.

Listen to me you old ladies, when you get raped, don't fight the case in court, just accept that it's your fault.  

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