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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Reality shows, seriously?


Bigg Boss just ended a few weeks ago, and it's been replaced by two different TV shows already. But I really want to question the originality of reality shows. Let's start with the BIGG BOSS, since I brought it up. This season was the most controversial of all. There were fights, groups, politics, love and violence in just 103 days. BIGG BOSS is unquestionably an remake of BIG BROTHER, a successful American TV reality show. It has completed more than 10 seasons, and always had a high viewership. We rip off American movies, so the fact that we've copied their reality shows, is not surprising.

The same goes for Superdude, which is a remake of another show called 'The pick up artist'. None of the boys in that show were good looking, and the host has had no luck with women himself.  Ironic, isn't it? No matter what happens, we can always count on the West, since we don't have to do any work at all. However, the only reality show, that was supposed to make sense, was Luv 2 hate u.  

Yes, that is actually a title. So, Arjun Rampal, ok, even I reacted in the same way, was, Arjun who? The guy who lives off Shah Rukh Khan of course, I was told by his biggest hater on the first episode. His hater accused him off being a wooden actor, which is the absolute truth. Instead of accepting the fact which his best friend and wife have been too polite to mention, he actually continues to think that he can act. His hater actually had the guts to tell him to take off his rose coloured glasses. The same was the case with all the celebrities who appeared on this show.

The only problem is, none of the A listers appeared on the show, and all the celebs were mostly from the film fraternity, biased much? There were threats, shouts and yells, but none of the haters actually said that they no longer hated the celebrity. So, what was the point of the ice- breaking session? I forgot to mention that it's a rip off from yet another American TV reality show H8r.

So, as we're jobless, and we will actually watch anything that involves celebrities, we actually watched these shows, and continue singing praises of the west, and never think of anything that's original. So, I have to thank Keeping up with Kardashians for starting this terrible trend. But if it makes the jobless happy, then go for it. So, kudos to not working.

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