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Sunday, 19 January 2014


Explain this nonsense about this new rubbish internet pack scheme, which all the terrible companies have decided to start now, since we have internet mobile.

Need I remind them that we use laptops too? It's absolutely ridiculous to have internet connections that are slower than a man's comprehension of Thermodynamics. It's absolutely taxing! There are days when I have the urge to slap a certain company that my Dad pays the phone bills to, for giving me such shoddy, slow Wi-Fi.

This irritation wants to throw a pile of worms on the C.E.O  of the company! My anger, as well as yours, is justified, since we pay our bills and we expect a certain standard. But then again why I am surprised? India hasn't progressed in the past 65 years, how can I, or anybody honestly expect a  good internet connection?  A faulty cable, a faulty transformer, a terrible road, a half-made footpath is found in bulk in country.

So on behalf of all those who are suffering just me, I have a list of word vomit to spew on the phone companies, who torture use to no end. With the never ending recorded phone calls, constant pestering on weekends with your 'PAY YOUR BILL, IT'S YOUR DUE DATE!' messages, I just have one thing to say, 'BLEH!'

You stupid gold diggers steal money from us, and give only a few days internet pack, and we struggle to get the goddamned assignments done. No thank you, I think that I'll go to the library!

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