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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Bullying... seriously?

We're all bullied in different ways. When my mother forces me to wear that god awful dress that she bought for me, I'm bullied. When I'm compelled to attend a stupid ceremony, when I'd rather be watching a movie, I feel bullied.

Your best friend whom you adore to death may compel to do something you dislike or against, and when you do it, you're frustrated. Sometimes, you just can't refuse them. But bullying can be done by anybody, so don't restrict it your peers and family.

Your teachers can bully you too. A school bully has limited power, but remember, your teacher has more power. I was bullied as recently as yesterday. A certain professor of mine has been taking jibes at me for the past few months, for unknown reasons. I have been advised by very many to be stoic, since this professor is in charge of my internal marks. Unfortunately, for no fault of mine, I have been the punching bag. Right now, as I'm recalling this incident, my anger is escalating.

But since three months from now, I'll have to graduate and make peace with him. After that, I'm free to do as I please. Also, when teachers' advance towards old age, they tend to get cranky. So, I plan to stay numb in the professor's next class. I will try, though I may want to yell, I will pretend to be deaf at least.

When the professor begins the tirade, I will think of a certain handsome actor, hoping that my anger will reduce. If my method works in the next two months, I would've definitely achieved something.

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