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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Women's rights? Seriously?

Who are you to give a woman a right? Who I am to take a right from anybody?

I was annoyed to find that a certain lady in power, with a doctorate degree, who works for a women's right commission had the audacity to say that women should mind their body language in order to prevent attracting rapists.

I would just like to say, that you don't deserve the Ph.D. A rapist doesn't need to be provoked to rape, he shall do so, as it pleases him. Will you say the same thing when your fully clothed daughter is raped in public, or will you accept blame for her enticing the rapist? Just because you're fat, ugly, with a Ph.D, and you have two sons, it does not give you the right to tell all beautiful girls to turn ugly.

Girls, dress the way you want, do what you want. Just remember these women right activist are no different from rapists. So, I just want to tell all the women who blame the victims for the rape, you are to blame, not the girls who get raped.

Listen to me you old ladies, when you get raped, don't fight the case in court, just accept that it's your fault.  

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Bullying... seriously?

We're all bullied in different ways. When my mother forces me to wear that god awful dress that she bought for me, I'm bullied. When I'm compelled to attend a stupid ceremony, when I'd rather be watching a movie, I feel bullied.

Your best friend whom you adore to death may compel to do something you dislike or against, and when you do it, you're frustrated. Sometimes, you just can't refuse them. But bullying can be done by anybody, so don't restrict it your peers and family.

Your teachers can bully you too. A school bully has limited power, but remember, your teacher has more power. I was bullied as recently as yesterday. A certain professor of mine has been taking jibes at me for the past few months, for unknown reasons. I have been advised by very many to be stoic, since this professor is in charge of my internal marks. Unfortunately, for no fault of mine, I have been the punching bag. Right now, as I'm recalling this incident, my anger is escalating.

But since three months from now, I'll have to graduate and make peace with him. After that, I'm free to do as I please. Also, when teachers' advance towards old age, they tend to get cranky. So, I plan to stay numb in the professor's next class. I will try, though I may want to yell, I will pretend to be deaf at least.

When the professor begins the tirade, I will think of a certain handsome actor, hoping that my anger will reduce. If my method works in the next two months, I would've definitely achieved something.

Sunday, 19 January 2014


Explain this nonsense about this new rubbish internet pack scheme, which all the terrible companies have decided to start now, since we have internet mobile.

Need I remind them that we use laptops too? It's absolutely ridiculous to have internet connections that are slower than a man's comprehension of Thermodynamics. It's absolutely taxing! There are days when I have the urge to slap a certain company that my Dad pays the phone bills to, for giving me such shoddy, slow Wi-Fi.

This irritation wants to throw a pile of worms on the C.E.O  of the company! My anger, as well as yours, is justified, since we pay our bills and we expect a certain standard. But then again why I am surprised? India hasn't progressed in the past 65 years, how can I, or anybody honestly expect a  good internet connection?  A faulty cable, a faulty transformer, a terrible road, a half-made footpath is found in bulk in country.

So on behalf of all those who are suffering just me, I have a list of word vomit to spew on the phone companies, who torture use to no end. With the never ending recorded phone calls, constant pestering on weekends with your 'PAY YOUR BILL, IT'S YOUR DUE DATE!' messages, I just have one thing to say, 'BLEH!'

You stupid gold diggers steal money from us, and give only a few days internet pack, and we struggle to get the goddamned assignments done. No thank you, I think that I'll go to the library!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Reality shows, seriously?


Bigg Boss just ended a few weeks ago, and it's been replaced by two different TV shows already. But I really want to question the originality of reality shows. Let's start with the BIGG BOSS, since I brought it up. This season was the most controversial of all. There were fights, groups, politics, love and violence in just 103 days. BIGG BOSS is unquestionably an remake of BIG BROTHER, a successful American TV reality show. It has completed more than 10 seasons, and always had a high viewership. We rip off American movies, so the fact that we've copied their reality shows, is not surprising.

The same goes for Superdude, which is a remake of another show called 'The pick up artist'. None of the boys in that show were good looking, and the host has had no luck with women himself.  Ironic, isn't it? No matter what happens, we can always count on the West, since we don't have to do any work at all. However, the only reality show, that was supposed to make sense, was Luv 2 hate u.  

Yes, that is actually a title. So, Arjun Rampal, ok, even I reacted in the same way, was, Arjun who? The guy who lives off Shah Rukh Khan of course, I was told by his biggest hater on the first episode. His hater accused him off being a wooden actor, which is the absolute truth. Instead of accepting the fact which his best friend and wife have been too polite to mention, he actually continues to think that he can act. His hater actually had the guts to tell him to take off his rose coloured glasses. The same was the case with all the celebrities who appeared on this show.

The only problem is, none of the A listers appeared on the show, and all the celebs were mostly from the film fraternity, biased much? There were threats, shouts and yells, but none of the haters actually said that they no longer hated the celebrity. So, what was the point of the ice- breaking session? I forgot to mention that it's a rip off from yet another American TV reality show H8r.

So, as we're jobless, and we will actually watch anything that involves celebrities, we actually watched these shows, and continue singing praises of the west, and never think of anything that's original. So, I have to thank Keeping up with Kardashians for starting this terrible trend. But if it makes the jobless happy, then go for it. So, kudos to not working.

Sunday, 5 January 2014


Have you ever felt so exhausted, and helpless, because you're dumped with too many assignments? I know that feeling. We all do. This happens during exams. We have too much to study and no time at all. So the best and most common option is: Pull an all nighter. Those who say that will never work, I disagree. I have spent many sleepless nights studying, just a day before the exam, and I assure you it works. You will pass. You are terrified before your exam, and you have limited time, so you'll obviously study faster. You make your timetables, and your resolutions are of no use, because things never go as planned. I'm not advocating all nighters. But for those who are as good as procrastinating as I am, this is what you have to do before the exam.

1. Do not look at the clock- Once you start studying, you become anxious, and you start looking at the clock. You're just wasting your precious time.

2. Sit on the floor and lean against the wall - Do not change your position, because you will fall asleep, so keep your back straight.

3. Keep a bottle of drinking water - When you feel sleepy, drink water, not coffee. The more water you drink, the more number of bathroom breaks you take, and you'll get rid of the sleepiness.

4. Don't stop studying until you think you'll get at least 50%.

5. Don't cry - This is easier said than done. But if you do cry, finish crying, and then start studying.

6. Sleep for two hours

7. Keep studying until the bell rings- Revise before the bell. You may just  glance through something, and it may appear in the question paper as an MCQ.
8. Don't forget to take your hall ticket and stationary box- Listen to your Mom when she asks you questions which she has been asking since you were 4. She just wants to save you from another panic attack.

I have made several attempts to not study too late before my exams, and I've failed horribly. I know what works best for me, and so should you. If you're not serious about education, and you just want to pass, do the above mentioned. But if you want to aim for a rank, then do it the old fashioned way, by rote learning. If you're a visual learner, then watch videos of your topic if they are available. Take breaks when you get bored, and remember, if it's the final exam, just study the questions which you know are going to appear before the exam, even if they are hard.

But there is one thing I'd like to say- Do not stress over exams, because being part of the rat race is not worth it. Just try to get more than what you scored last time, because you'll be competing with yourself, not the girl who scores the highest in class.