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Tuesday, 31 December 2013


We make them, we break them, and sometimes we forget about them. I'm talking about resolutions, and not relationships. Whether it's to quit smoking, lose weight or exercise regularly, usually, our resolve is broken due to temptation.

This temptation usually comes from others rather than our minds. Our friends and family console us, by telling us that it's only just this once, and that's all the push we need to break it. The more we want to get rid of a temptation, the more vulnerable we are to yielding to it. "The best way to get rid of a temptation, is by yielding to it," said Colin Firth in the movie, 'The picture of Dorian Grey'.  This way out, is the easy way out. Nobody wants to try too hard, for anything for that matter. Not to mention, it's difficult.

Trying to avoid something that you regularly do, or are accustomed to, and like doing is an exigent task. Behavioural  Psychologists emphasize on the concept of unlearning and re-learning, which is a lengthy process. They even talk of desensitization towards the object of temptation. That seems silly, because if you really want to give up a habit, you'll do it. You don't need a new year, or a tomorrow. All you need is the power to fight against yourself. You care about yourself. But just not enough. Until something bad happens to us, we don't bother about being cautious. And sometimes, even after that incident, we still give into temptation.

When you live a routine life, you think that a resolution isn't necessary. If you want to lead a healthier life- style all you have to do is smile, and think, 'If not today, then someday', or you could actually find out why you aren't implementing your resolution. That actually helps. If you're lazy, or addicted to a bad habit, no psychiatrist or psychologist can help you. If you actually want execute you plan, then take one day at a time, because you live in the moment, not in the future.

Try to care about yourself, if you want to make a resolution. Take baby steps. Write down what you have to do, and write what you have to do everyday. If you succeed in little tasks, then you gain more confidence. That will ultimately help you maintain your resolve.

In situations where you have to give in to temptation, look at the list you made for that day, look at it, and write down the news hurdle you have to overcome. That will make you feel better. Even if you give in to temptation, you can try again. Just because you gave in once doesn't mean that you've lost the war. Make a resolve not to lose your fighting spirit. As long as you care about yourself, you won't lose. You will maintain your resolution, you have a whole year ahead of you.

I wish you all an eventful new year. So cheers to new beginnings and old ends.


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