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Tuesday, 31 December 2013


I have always loved music. Music has been my catharsis for a long time, especially when I couldn't write. But when I have a lot to do, I listen to music, to  make my life easier. Many celebrities are musicians, which must be great, because music is food for the soul. Well, I disagree, music is for the merriment of the mind. When I commute to college everyday, I listen to music. I can't not listen to it. When I'm brisk walking in the evenings, I make sure that the music is on full volume.

The worst may happen to you, but you can express your emotions when you have music. That's why I'm addicted to it. But these days, I'm not into the latest item numbers or the latest English chartbusters. Actually, music in the recent times, hasn't invoked any emotion in me. So, I'm wondering, what makes music sell? What makes it likeable?

Besides the fact that boy bands are the 'it' thing now, nothing else is new. Music is supposed to be the change from our mundane life. Sadly, that doesn't seem the case. Musicians are supposed make us stir up and listen to them. They're supposed to write their feelings, and compose a sound. That sound. A sound that can awaken people when they are in the darkest realms of despair. Bands like Nickleback, Linkin Park and Tokio Hotel did that. They wrote songs that people could relate to.

Their music sounds great, but their  latest music has been off the grid. So I went back to 80's music. Phil Collins, MJ and the Beatles have only a few songs that youngsters can actually relate to. Even, Will.I.Am hasn't given us a zinger yet. His music is great, but his song, 'Where is the love?' makes me question, 'Where is the music?'

Now, talking about female pop stars, Avril Lavinge, Ariana Grande, Katy Pery, Rihanna and Taylor Swift have been hitting it big lately. Girls around the world relate to their music, and now they seem to give the boy bands some competition. 'The story of us' and 'Walks like Rihanna' by the most popular man bands, are in no way relatable to anyone. Yet, women all over the world made these songs a hit.

So, I dug deeper to realize, women will listen to anything their favourite man band makes because of their image. Once you like a guy in your teens, it's hard to stop obsessing about him. You eat, breathe, and think about him. The same goes for celebrities. Let's face it, their face and body makes them sell like a hot cakes, hence their rubbish sells.

Bands like Red, Gotye, and Poets of fall all equally popular for their music, do not sell as well as the current man bands, because they lack good looks. These are critically acclaimed bands. They are all decent looking, some intimidating, but their sex appeal is not bankable. Unlike the Backstreet Boys or Blue, whose one fake smile will make our jaw's drop, we'll do anything the handsome men tell us to do. Their face is their propaganda, and their music is their product.

The quality of music has disappeared, by the coming new musicians who are one hit wonders, and old musicians are no longer relatable to the younger audience. Music has lost it's fervor, and lyrics are meaningless. The best has come and gone, or maybe is yet to come.


New year...seriously?

I am probably the only person who doesn't care about new year. It doesn't affect me in anyway, because tomorrow is Wednesday, and I have college. I don't have a holiday tomorrow, and even if I did, I highly doubt that anything constructive can be done in the next 24 hours. There are 40 minutes left for the new year, and it's just another day in our lives.

For those of you have a holiday, please enjoy it, because you have to go back to work on Thursday.

What makes New Year special? You change the last number of the year while writing the date, and you smile while writing it, wondering how another year just flew by. You decide to do so many things in the upcoming year, which is in the next 37 minutes, but have you seized the moment? The French say Carpedium, but have you tried it?

Living life on the edge is not planning to do what you want tomorrow, but doing what you want right now. You don't need a New Year to start new beginnings. You need a new idea. I don't have the courage to walk out any of my classes, but the fact that they mark attendance at the end of the class may have something to do with it. I want to walk out one of my classes, and tell my teacher that he's wrong. Dictatorship doesn't work with me anymore, since I have completely different ideas. Call me crazy, but do you need to dance at a club to celebrate New Year? Do you have to scream at 11:59 in the night to show that you actually have a social life?

Do you need a New Year to make a change in your life? I've begin to make changes already. I have accepted the madness, the fear, the insecurities, limits and flaws within me. I'm not going to plan anything. I can't experience Carpedium, because this is the real world. This isn't high school where you can decide to stay away from academics for a few days and laze around. That's the depressing part of life. I didn't seize the moment when I had the chance. So, all I'm asking is, do it.

Don't forget that you're 17 only once, and you won't go to jail for acting like a nut. So this New Year, try ding something new for a change. That's the real change. Try something different, completely out of your comfort zone. It doesn't have to be something crazy. I still haven't decided what I'm going to do yet, but when I do it, and embarrass myself, I won't be ashamed to admit it. I have three more months before I get my Bachelor's degree, and I'm waiting for the day to arrive. Until then, I have to be a responsible adult. After that, I am free to explore the world. So are you. I can't do it now, but for those who can, do it right now!



We make them, we break them, and sometimes we forget about them. I'm talking about resolutions, and not relationships. Whether it's to quit smoking, lose weight or exercise regularly, usually, our resolve is broken due to temptation.

This temptation usually comes from others rather than our minds. Our friends and family console us, by telling us that it's only just this once, and that's all the push we need to break it. The more we want to get rid of a temptation, the more vulnerable we are to yielding to it. "The best way to get rid of a temptation, is by yielding to it," said Colin Firth in the movie, 'The picture of Dorian Grey'.  This way out, is the easy way out. Nobody wants to try too hard, for anything for that matter. Not to mention, it's difficult.

Trying to avoid something that you regularly do, or are accustomed to, and like doing is an exigent task. Behavioural  Psychologists emphasize on the concept of unlearning and re-learning, which is a lengthy process. They even talk of desensitization towards the object of temptation. That seems silly, because if you really want to give up a habit, you'll do it. You don't need a new year, or a tomorrow. All you need is the power to fight against yourself. You care about yourself. But just not enough. Until something bad happens to us, we don't bother about being cautious. And sometimes, even after that incident, we still give into temptation.

When you live a routine life, you think that a resolution isn't necessary. If you want to lead a healthier life- style all you have to do is smile, and think, 'If not today, then someday', or you could actually find out why you aren't implementing your resolution. That actually helps. If you're lazy, or addicted to a bad habit, no psychiatrist or psychologist can help you. If you actually want execute you plan, then take one day at a time, because you live in the moment, not in the future.

Try to care about yourself, if you want to make a resolution. Take baby steps. Write down what you have to do, and write what you have to do everyday. If you succeed in little tasks, then you gain more confidence. That will ultimately help you maintain your resolve.

In situations where you have to give in to temptation, look at the list you made for that day, look at it, and write down the news hurdle you have to overcome. That will make you feel better. Even if you give in to temptation, you can try again. Just because you gave in once doesn't mean that you've lost the war. Make a resolve not to lose your fighting spirit. As long as you care about yourself, you won't lose. You will maintain your resolution, you have a whole year ahead of you.

I wish you all an eventful new year. So cheers to new beginnings and old ends.